About the author

Hello to all

I am not a professional but have been taking photographs for 30 plus years.

I have been fortunate in having received two commendations from the Royal Entemology Society over the last couple of years for pictures taken for their 'Insect Week' photography competitions. Please check them out on the site.

The majority of photos on this site have been taken with various digital cameras over the years in my spare time during lunch breaks whilst on the Stoneleigh Showground in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England where I used to work.

My present set up is a Canon 750D with the Canon 100mm f2 macro lens and Canon MR14EX ring flash.

I love photographing insects and fungi and the Stoneleigh site has an abundance of both. The snakes have been difficult to locate over the last couple of years.

You may notice pictures taken further afield in far off places where I get the opportunity to find more exotic insects.

I hope you enjoy my pictures.


I would like to thank my son Adam for his help, assistance and encouragement in setting up this site.

If you are into dinosaurs his excellent web sites can be found


The Plesiosaur Directory

Dinosaur Toy Blog