Weevils times three, (Cionus scrophulariae), (Curculio nucem) & (Curculio glandium)

The wierd and wonderful world of Weevils. This one on the left is a figwort-weevil.(Cionus scrophulariae) I found this on the leaf of a Buddleia plant in my back garden.They are very small, not much bigger than a pin head. The probosis/rostrum looks like an elephants trunk.

On the right is a nut weevil (Curculio nucem). Again a long rostrum with more distinct antenna. It uses the rostrum to make a hole in Hazel nuts where it leaves an egg and the larvae live in the nut. 

The one below is an acorn weevil (Curculio glandium) with a very long and curved rostrum. This is a fantastic weevil to find and again very small but it is so impressive. If you want to find one look around the base of oak trees at the right time of year.